Basic advantages

Basic features

  • weight 1231kg

  • 1.8m digging depth

  • 4h battery life

  • 12 hours of operation with powerpack

  • 230V operation

  • 400V operation

  • built-in charger and power supply

  • ZTS zero tail swing

  • Remote control

  • retractable undercarriage

  • 7 quick couplings

  • Detachable arm

  • 4 predefined operating modes

  • volume <73dB

  • operator management

  • Location and control via GSM

  • Above-average working precision

  • Collapsible ROPS

  • Easy service

  • Flow rate up to 36l/min

    Photo report of work on e-Raptor 10c

    See the video of the RC tests

    The product is in preparation for sale. Write to us when you are interested in it.

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